did anyone win tonight's powerball

did anyone win tonight's powerball

Isn’t it amazing how often lottery winners claim big prizes due to a mistake? Whether it’s the wrong numbers, wrong game or wrong ticket, nothing delights more than an error leading to a big win. These are wins that may never have otherwise occurred. Spare a thought for a customer who wanted a Powerball ticket in January. This customer, like many Americans, was eagerly hoping for a big win as the jackpot rose and rose. But tdid anyone win tonight's powerballhe shop worker accidentally pressed the wrong ticket – selling a ticket for Cash4Life instead. The customer didn’t want that ticket, but it was already processed and could not be refunded.

Don’t we all love a birthday? They are even more welcome when they bring us some good news. News of a birthday lottery win broke last week in the USA. On Wednesday 13th July, Bruce Dunlap was preparing for a relaxing day on the Thursday (his birthday) when he found out he had won the lottery. The $150,000 prize from the Carolina local lottery was the best birthday gift ever. When he found out, he drove straight to the hospital where his wife works to give her the good news. After tax deductions, their total take home prize money was just over $103,000 (£70,000 approx).

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A couple from West Yorkshire in the UK were minutes away from missing the deadline for buying lottery tickets in the Wednesday lottery draw when fortune struck. Arron Walshaw, a plasterer from Ossett, was stood in a queue in a local shop to claim his free lucky dip ticket for the Wednesday Lotto but thought he was too late to beat the cut-off time limit for buying new tickets. Fortunately for Arron, the woman in front of him in the queue realised that he was in a rush and kindly offered to let him go in front of her in the queue. "I don't think I would have been in time to buy my ticket if she hadn't let me go first," Arron said. "We would love to meet her again and say thank you for changing our lives!"

According to reports, the last New Zealand Lotto Powerdid anyone win tonight's powerballball jackpot in 2019 has been out for nearly two weeks, and the winner has not yet appeared. The lottery issuer said that if no one claims the prize this weekend, they will start looking for the winner.